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Trend Watch
Rock out with rose gold, stacked rings, chokers, and fringe
by Taryn Torsiello

Accessorize Me!
One girl’s quest to make jewelry for every outfit she owns
by Noelle A. DeMarco

Leopard Suede & Paper Clips
Office-supply chic!
by Diane Zigabarra

Bling on a Budget
Six trendy projects for very little scratch

Vintage Vogue
A souvenir penny becomes a super-cute bracelet
by Deb Floros

Black is the New Black
No fad color will ever beat classic black..
by Erin Strother

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Mixed & Layered
by Becky Nunn

All Things Natural
by Julian Yancey

by Julie Vargas

by Lisa Dempski

Golden Filigree
by Deb Floros

Beach Vibe
by Lisa Lodge

by Nina Lee

Trail of Turquoise
by Glorianne Ljubich and Cody Westfall

Vegas, Baby!
by Erin Strother

by Roxanne Mendoza

Water’s Edge
by Susan Kennedy

Linked Pearls
by Nina Lee

Stack & Wrap
by Nina Lee

Turquoise & Topaz
by Nina Lee

Button Pusher
by Nina Lee

On Air
by Nina Lee

Jesse’s Ring
by Heather Kindt

Souvenir Coin Bracelet
by Joanna Tiritilli

by Diana Ptaszynski

Modern Pearls
by Marcia Jannenga

Filled with Memories
by Linda Hanes

Sea Breeze
by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier

Spring Thaw
by Angi Stull

Geometrically Circled
by Kristi Harrison

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